The River Shannon


Shannon is a beautiful singer, an engaging guitarist, and a flowing pianist.  She loves engaging audiences to create unforgettable moments.

Check out Shannon's song list of more than 350 songs & her five-star reviews at . 

A versatile musician, she enjoys bringing joy at festivals, campgrounds & street performing and is equally at home with children or assisting in a worship service.  When you book her services, your vision is her goal, whether you are hosting a joyful wedding celebration, a children’s birthday party, a refined baby shower, a gentle memorial, or a fun party for a birthday or retiree.  Shannon's original music, full of lush imagery and hope, is interspersed with her arrangements of popular songs, and she delights in sharing her writings-in-song with new friends.  

She often delights audiences & gains applause with her on-the-spot, made-just-for-you lyrics.